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The Paddle League, Olympic SUP Drama, APP World Tour, Pro SUP Surfing and More with Chris Parker of

August 29, 2018

Chase and Chris have a candid conversation about many of the hotest topics in sup racing and sup surfing.

Chris Parker created and operates SUP racer is by far the most influential and important website in the world of sup racing. Chris's unqique and informed perspectives have given his website the undisputable title of, "the pulse of stand up paddle racing". Chris offers his knowledge on all things sup racing and sup surfing in today's show. 

Listen as Chase and Chris discuss:

- The ICF versus the ISA sup governing body saga

- The development of The Paddle League

- The future of sup racing as a sport

- Pro sup surfing, what can be improved and the possibility of board restrictions

- The APP World Tour (formerly Waterman League/Stand Up World Tour)

 - And much more! Tune in because this is a good one!

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