The Return of Erik Logan - SUP’s Biggest Fan and Advisor talks USA Surfing, Trends in the Industry and What He’s Riding

July 6, 2017

Erik Logan returns to the Paddlewoo Podcast.  Erik is the President of the Oprah Winfrey Network and is using his business accumen to steer the sport of paddle surfing in the right direction.  He's a board member of USA Surfing and in our discussion explains where the our sport is headed on a national level, the industry trends he's seeing now and of course... what he's riding.


Technical Discussion on boards with JP’s Shaper Werner Gnigler

June 12, 2017

JP Australia's Werner Gnigler gets technical with Erik Antonson about JP's innovation process, the rational behind their parallel fins, how windsurfing contributes to paddle surfing (specifically at higher speeds) and the float vs. performance debate.  Paddle surfing nerds, you're welcome!




Norm Hann - Leaving everything to follow your passion sometimes works out. An inspirational tale.

March 19, 2017

Norm Hann is an outdoor adventure guide focused on SUP tours in Squamish, BC.  He recently came down to train with Erik in Nosara and Erik realized that Norm's story was worth sharing.  Not only is Norm living a passion based life in the standup world, he's also been actively protecting the BC coastline from oil tankers.  He produced Standup4GreatBear, a film where he paddled the proposed oil tanker route, and was then featured in Stand Film.


Evelyn O’Doherty - Standup Journal’s Online Editor Talks Paddle Surfing, Coaching, and Giving Back

February 23, 2017

Standup Journal's new Online Editor joins Erik on the podcast.

Evelyn O'Doherty is a former school teacher gone rogue.  Her transformation happened when she learned to surf.  After the bug bit, she was no longer able to be contained to the walls of a classroom, so Ev followed her instincts to recreate herself and left a successful career of teaching in order to spend more time on the water.  Today, she is a stand up paddle racer,  surfer and yoga teacher.  She instructs and offers retreats around the world in order to inspire others to follow their passions, live their dreams and, she hopes, spend more time on the water.  Evelyn believes wholeheartedly that we will protect what we love; therefore, her on-the-water coaching includes special attention to the state of our waterways and oceans in order to inspire her students to become stewards for the planet and take care of each other and the ocean so that we may live and respect in it's presence for a long time to come.  You can check out her Stand Up Paddle Clinics and Retreats on her website:


Josh Waitzkin on his learning process in paddle surfing

February 20, 2017

Introducing the Progression Project Podcast.  This episode is from the Progression Project, my new podcast focused on the learning process and journey to mastery.  But, since our conversation uses paddle surfing to discuss the learning process, you guys will love it!

Josh Waitzkin is the author of The Art of Learning.  He's the subject of the movie, Searching for Bobby Fischer, about his chess life.  He's an 8x US National Chess Champion, a 2x World Tai Chi Push Hands Champion, and a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt.  He's new passion is paddle surfing, and I've been coaching Josh for the last 16 months.  Our conversation is about his the learning process and his framework for skill acquisition.  If you're learning to paddle surf listen to this episode first.


The Future of the World Tour with CEO Tristan Boxford

January 18, 2017

Erik and Tristan discuss the 2017 season of the Standup World Tour.


Zane and Matty Schweitzer Return - Technical Discussion of Paddle Surfing and Stoke Technique

October 15, 2016

I got up with Zane and Matty while in San Clemente.  They'd both been on the show before so we took this opportunity to have a technical discussion and dive into fan questions.  It's a long episode, almost 2 hours, but it's packed full of lessons.  If you're passionate about getting better at paddle surfing, you're gonna love it!


Breaking Down Stroke with Larry Cain, Olympic Gold Medal Winner

September 5, 2016

Larry Cain, Olympic Gold Medalist and now Head Coach at Paddle Monster joins Erik on the Paddlewoo podcast to discuss stroke technique and lessons learned from his olympic life.


Designing a Paddle Board with Kirk McGinty - Part 1

August 20, 2016

Kirk McGinty from L41 SURFCRAFT joins Erik on the Paddlewoo Podcast to discuss paddle surfboard design and Erik's next board.  This is Part 1 of the series Designing a Paddle Board and is the initial discussion and direction for the board.  Follow along on to see different design iterations.  After the board is finished and tested Kirk will come back on the show to break down the performance.


Coaching Jason - Lessons from a week in the Blue Zone

July 18, 2016

Jason and SUP Surfing Coach Erik discuss lessons learned in a week surfing in Costa Rica.  We cover bottom turns, paddle technique, popping up, cutbacks, boards and surfing in crowds.