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Chase talks with the ‘King of Endurance Paddling’, Bart De Zwart.

February 13, 2018
Chase talks with the 'King of Endurance Paddling', Bart De Zwart. For those who don't know Bart, here's a brief overview of his paddling accomplishments: 
- 4x winner of the 11-City SUP Tour (220km)
- 3 x winner of the Muskoka River X (220 km)
- Yukon River Quest Champion (715 km)
Paddled the length of the Hawaiian islands (5 days/nights non-stop)
- Paddled from Tahiti to Bora Bora (3 days/nights non-stop)
- Paddled the coast of Greenland (after being forced to abandon his crossing from Canada)
-SUP/windsurf shop owner on Maui for 17 years
-Starboard International Team Rider
Yeah, Bart goes hard. Chase and Bart talk about Bart's mindset and training for ultra-distance paddling, surfing Jaws, training with Connor Baxter for the last 7 years, scariest moments at sea and much more. 

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