Understanding Fins with Tyler Callaway of FCS

June 8, 2016

Tyler comes back on the show to give us a technical understanding of fin dynamics and what you should ride when.  I learned more in this 45 minutes than in a life of surfing.  Enjoy!


Fernando Stalla - Living the Dream in Mexico

May 31, 2016

Fernando Stalla, from Sayulita, Mexico, witnessed the highest levels of paddle surfing in 2010 when a professional contest came to town, and decided to work to achieve that level and a place in the sport.


Kai Lenny - What Motivates, Inspires and Drives Kai

May 9, 2016

A deeper look at Kai Lenny.  In this interview Kai describes how he sees the ocean and Jaws, he breaks down moment by moment his heaviest wave, he opens up about his passion and what fuels his drive.


Will Taylor - Editor and Boss at SUP the Mag

May 6, 2016

Will Taylor, editor of SUP the Mag comes on the Paddewoo Podcast to discuss how they see paddle surfing, its relation to the surf world and the events (Pacific Paddle Games and The SUP Awards) they run.


Jamie Mitchell - Inside the Mind of the World’s Greatest Waterman

April 28, 2016

Jamie Mitchell, arguably the world's greatest waterman, discusses the the mental game of paddling in the open ocean and surfing the biggest waves on the planet.  Jamie is the 10 Time Molokai to Oahu race winner and is currently on the Big Wave World Tour.


Legends! Dave Kalama, Dave Boehne and Colin McPhillips from the Blue Zone in Costa Rica

April 10, 2016

Kalama, Boehne and Colin McPhillips join Erik in Costa Rica for a week of surfing and filming for an upcoming project and sit down to record a podcast from the Blue Zone headquarters during the trip.


Tyler Callaway - President FCS and SUPIA

March 3, 2016

Tyler Callaway is the US Head of FCS and the President of SUPIA.  He is the surf coach for UC at San Diego.  He comes on the PaddleWoo Podcast to discuss innovations in paddle surfing, the direction of the industry and SUPIA organization.


Erik Logan - The Consigliere of Paddle Surfing

February 4, 2016

Erik Logan is the President of the Oprah Winfrey Network and Paddle Surfing's biggest fan.  He partners, advises and surfs with Laird Hamilton, Dave Kalama, and Dave Boehne.


Clay Feeter - The Man Behind StandUp Journal

January 25, 2016

The Founder, Editor and Publisher of Standup Journal joins Erik on the PaddleWoo Podcast to discuss the sports roots and future.


Colin and Zane Video Contest 2.0 Wrap-up Show

January 6, 2016

Colin McPhillips comes on the show to recount the PaddleWoo 2.0 Video Contest and catch up all things Paddle Enhanced Surfing.  Then Erik calls Zane to congratulate him on winning the contest.