The Euro Tour, SUP foiling and big wave surfing with F-One Brand Manager Belar Diaz

March 12, 2018

Chase and Belar talk about the Euro Tour and it's history, global SUP market, SUP foiling, big wave surfing in the Canary Islands and what it's like to run an international SUP brand. 


Hans Wagner, Head of ESSC SUP Contest Series, Calls on Contest for March 10th, Discusses the swell and his relationship with the sport.

March 3, 2018

Erik and Hans discuss the upcoming East Coast epic forecast, the role of style in judging, what makes a great paddle surfboard, and the ESSC Contest Series and event this weekend.


Chase talks with the ‘King of Endurance Paddling’, Bart De Zwart.

February 13, 2018
Chase talks with the 'King of Endurance Paddling', Bart De Zwart. For those who don't know Bart, here's a brief overview of his paddling accomplishments: 
- 4x winner of the 11-City SUP Tour (220km)
- 3 x winner of the Muskoka River X (220 km)
- Yukon River Quest Champion (715 km)
Paddled the length of the Hawaiian islands (5 days/nights non-stop)
- Paddled from Tahiti to Bora Bora (3 days/nights non-stop)
- Paddled the coast of Greenland (after being forced to abandon his crossing from Canada)
-SUP/windsurf shop owner on Maui for 17 years
-Starboard International Team Rider
Yeah, Bart goes hard. Chase and Bart talk about Bart's mindset and training for ultra-distance paddling, surfing Jaws, training with Connor Baxter for the last 7 years, scariest moments at sea and much more. 

Mo Freitas Returns - His Training, Inventing Maneuvers, Board Design, World Titles, New Sponsor

January 26, 2018

Mo catches up with Erik to discuss his recent change in board company, the ISA games, his training program, how he creates maneuvers, creativity and his love of all things water.


Erik Antonson and Chase Kosterlitz 2 - Blue Zone SUP, Living in Costa Rica, Coaching, Flow and What we’re working on…

January 18, 2018

Some cool changes coming to the Paddlewoo podcast.  In this show Erik and Chase discuss living in Costa Rica, what Chase has been learning from coaching these past few months, and new changes to the podcast.  Erik will continue to cover paddle surfing and learning and Chase is going to start hosting shows focused on racing and the lifestyle of SUP.


Chase Kosterlitz - SUP Champ talks joining Blue Zone SUP, Coaching, Practice and Flow

August 23, 2017

Chase is a sponsored international racer and surfer who has coached and competed for the past 7 years. While he is most known for his racing accolades, Chase has a real passion for surfing.


Becoming Great w/ Anders Ericsson on the Progression Project

July 20, 2017

Anders Ericsson is the author of Peak, and the world's foremost researcher on mastery.  He discusses the role practice, mental representations, and the skills he thinks our children should be learning.


The Return of Erik Logan - SUP’s Biggest Fan and Advisor talks USA Surfing, Trends in the Industry and What He’s Riding

July 6, 2017

Erik Logan returns to the Paddlewoo Podcast.  Erik is the President of the Oprah Winfrey Network and is using his business accumen to steer the sport of paddle surfing in the right direction.  He's a board member of USA Surfing and in our discussion explains where the our sport is headed on a national level, the industry trends he's seeing now and of course... what he's riding.


Technical Discussion on boards with JP’s Shaper Werner Gnigler

June 12, 2017

JP Australia's Werner Gnigler gets technical with Erik Antonson about JP's innovation process, the rational behind their parallel fins, how windsurfing contributes to paddle surfing (specifically at higher speeds) and the float vs. performance debate.  Paddle surfing nerds, you're welcome!




Norm Hann - Leaving everything to follow your passion sometimes works out. An inspirational tale.

March 19, 2017

Norm Hann is an outdoor adventure guide focused on SUP tours in Squamish, BC.  He recently came down to train with Erik in Nosara and Erik realized that Norm's story was worth sharing.  Not only is Norm living a passion based life in the standup world, he's also been actively protecting the BC coastline from oil tankers.  He produced Standup4GreatBear, a film where he paddled the proposed oil tanker route, and was then featured in Stand Film.